At Vivaris, we employ a sophisticated strategy of asset management that allows investors to participate in high growth alternative investments while managing liquidity and mitigating principal risk.

Vivaris Capital Structure

As experts in entrepreneurial finance, we invest across all sectors and analyze projects one by one.  We start with the fundamentals that drive growth and value creation: opportunities to revitalize management; implement a disciplined sales process; introduce new products and services; and enter into strategic relationships.

Vivaris invests on a yield-convert basis.  In structuring our offerings, we look to build instruments that offer our investors the security and current income of debt, with the back-end up side associated with equity. 



Our ideal transaction size is $15 - $500 million, but there are no hard & fast lines. The risk / return profile of a given opportunity dictates how vigorously we pursue it, large or small.



When looking at an investment, we surround ourselves with the prerequisite expertise, research the opportunity, determine if there is latent value in the deal, and re-capitalize accordingly.

We create value through implementing proven strategies, optimizing technology, improving operations, applying financial engineering, and executing targeted sales and marketing campaigns. 



Our investment strategy is to strongly align the interests between the investors, the Funds, and the management of the acquired alternative asset.

We believe that proper organizational structuring and implementation of management incentives are key to driving significant long-term growth and higher valuations.